Jeff Mills

Jeff currently resides in Wilmington, North Carolina’s Myrtle Grove district. After a far flung upbringing in a U.S. Air Force family, that included several years in Tachikawa Air Base, Japan. He graduated high school in Dover, Delaware, then studied engineering and architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There, he found inspiration to improve society during vocal objection to the War in Vietnam. Gay liberation, birthing then, was another source of direction for him.

After graduation in 1971, his next adventure was a three month, hitch-hiking journey from Cambridge, MA to San Francisco, CA. He settled there, in the Bay Area, for nearly the next 42 years (!), finding freedom in expressing his talents through construction, design, and through “out” communal gay living.

His longest career path led to decades spent executing unique building designs in both residential and commercial projects as a carpenter and as a general  contractor.

Enduring the massive loss and tragedy of the HIV/AIDS Plague in San Francisco through the eighties and nineties, altered his life path profoundly. Despite the calamity, he and his permanent partner, Ed, met in 1992. Together, today, they both find life satisfaction by importing the Left Coast approach to life into the Cape Fear of North Carolina.

Here, since 2013, they have spent much of their time in organizing and participating in the ongoing campaign to bring diverse, free equality into the lives of those around them. Currently, Jeff, while retired from construction, devotes much of his life to active opposition to North Carolina’s repressive legislative climate, working with Equality North Carolina; mentoring with other HIV positive long-term survivors; and furthering the aims of both SAGE Wilmington and the Frank Harr Foundation.

Jeff Mills