Jill Hofer

As Director of Communication and Public Relations, I have the opportunity and challenge to convey the Watermark vision and to capture and communicate the spirit of our communities. Each and every day, Watermark residents and associates are thriving in their own unique ways and it’s my pleasure to share their inspiring stories. Best of all, I get to do so with my creative and talented team members in the Watermark Marketing Group.

In addition to my communication role, I am privileged to serve as Executive Director of Watermark for Kids, a nonprofit organization reaching out to underserved youth. Watermark residents, associates and community partners work together help Watermark Kids thrive by expressing their true selves. You can learn more at www.watermarkforkids.org.

When I came to Watermark in 2006, I brought with me a degree in marketing, an MBA and sixteen years of experience in advertising, public relations, marketing, writing and research. My first decade as a Watermark resource was a pleasure and a joy, thanks to the inspiring leaders, residents and kids I’ve encountered. Here’s to the next ten years, and beyond.