Deborah Terry-Hays

Deborah Terry-Hays

Deborah Terry-Hays is an international trainer, consultant, facilitator and scholar with over twenty-five years’ experience in social activism and anti-oppression work. She holds a Master Degree in Social Work (MSW), as well as a Master Degree in Human Development with a specialization in Social and Human Services.

Deborah is currently the Staff Development and Training Manager at Senior Services, an auxiliary faculty member at the University Of Washington School Of Social Work,  and volunteers as the Director of the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) International’s Women’s Constituency Caucus.

As a self-employed consultant, Deborah worked with numerous private and public organizations, schools and businesses.  These have included Seattle Public Utilities, the Department of Social and Health Services, the Seattle Police; Saint Martins University, the YWCA, Edmonds Community College, and AmeriCorps.  She uses her expertise in social justice and human development to help organizations make systemic changes working with groups to understand issues of race, class, gender sexuality, and other issues affecting marginalized groups.  Deborah’s work with her clients often includes training of the management team whose leadership and communication styles may be problematic to solutions.

Deborah has been an on-going consultant with Seattle Office for Civil Rights, and was instrumental in the design and implementation of “City Talks,” an award winning program that brought city workers together to discuss race issues. She provided on-going training for City Talks facilitators throughout the five-year program.

Deborah has also trained facilitators in the City of Seattle’s “Nova Program,” a program designed for city employees to develop leadership skills, and she served as a facilitator to former Governor Mike Lowry’s Human Services transition team.

Deborah is a former member of Acting for Change, a theatre group that uses “Play-back Theater” to bring together social justice, transformative conflict, and somatic awareness to groups through storytelling and acting.  She also travels internationally to Europe and Canada, to work with women on issues of liberation and to facilitate bridge building across intersecting identities.

A native of Seattle, Washington, Deborah has served on the Seattle Women’s Commission.  She has been a Board Member of the African American and Jewish Coalition for Justice, and of the Black Women’s Alliance.  Deborah is a former Seattle school teacher and served as Director of Membership Services for Girl Scouts Totem Council.

Deborah Terry-Hays