Consulting and Audits

Consulting and Audits

SAGECare offers expert LGBT consulting and competency audits.

If your agency would like additional expert technical assistance, SAGECare’s leadership staff are available for LGBT consulting. Here are some services we offer:

  • Perform a complete review and and provide actionable recommendations to increase LGBT competency reflected in:
    • Your agency’s policies and procedures
    • Marketing and communications
    • Programming
    • Documentation
    • Training
    • And more!

We can also consult on individualized concerns such as:

  • “We have a transgender resident and we’re not sure of room assignments.”
  • “We’re having problems balancing a resident’s rights with an unaccepting family caregiver of an LGBT resident.”
  • “We are working with a senior who has recently come out of the closet and we’re not sure how to help.”

For more information on consulting and technical assistance, please contact us.