SAGECare has partnered with the American Medical Association to support health care professionals working with LGBTQ+ older people. Learn about SAGECare Resources on the AMA Ed Hub

Training that meets the SAGE/HRC Long Term Care Equality Index!

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Create a More Welcoming Community for LGBTQ+ Older Adults

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We partner with you to prepare a compassionate, LGBTQ+-competent staff that will change your business.

As service providers for a rapidly expanding aging population, you are constantly seeking ways to improve the care you provide. SAGECare is your partner in meeting the needs of a large and growing LGBTQ+ senior population with our dedicated LGBTQ+ aging training. We’ll give your staff the tools they need to provide the culturally competent care that all your community deserves.

The Numbers

By 2030, there will be approximately 7 million LGBTQ+ older people in the United States.

The Market

The LGBTQ+ market today has a combined purchasing power of over $830 billion.

Be Friendly

72% of the LGBTQ+ market feel it is extremely/very important to buy from “gay-friendly” companies.

SAGECare’s LGBTQ+ aging training will help you make a better and more welcoming workplace.

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Why LGBTQ+ Training Matters To Your Residents/Patients

What Our Clients Say

  • The Alzheimer’s Association has partnered with SAGE to receive a wide array of in-person and online skill-building for our staff and volunteers nationwide. SAGE’s leadership, dedication and expertise in developing and delivering this training was incredible!  It is critical to our mission to serve the LGBTQ+ community with the highest level of dignity and respect and our partnership with SAGE is helping us do just that.  We are truly thankful and inspired by the work that was done.

    Marshawn Brown
    Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Alzheimer's Association National Organization