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Why invest in LGBT competency? Because your mission is to serve people with the best care possible. SAGECare helps you serve your LGBT and other diverse clients even better. When your staff and agency become LGBT competent, you can communicate with your clients, residents and their families with even more compassion and depth — what’s great for all community members is great for business.

Why SAGECare?
Hilary Meyer
Chief Innovation and Impact Officer

Our History

Since 1978, SAGE has been serving and advocating for LGBT older adults. In 2010, the US federal government tapped SAGE to lead in creating a comprehensive, national cultural competency training program for their Aging Network. We trained over 10,000 providers across the country and evaluated the results. With SAGECare, we build on our successes to bring this level of commitment and quality to even more service providers.

The SAGECare Difference

When you partner with SAGECare, you’re not checking off a box. You’re partnering with the oldest and largest LGBT aging care provider in the country. We’ll help your staff understand the unique needs and concerns of LGBT older adults and guide you in providing the best possible person-directed care.



Frequently Asked Questions about SAGECare and LGBT Advocacy

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SAGECare’s History of Achievement as Advocated for LGBT Rights

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We work closely with our clients to better serve LGBT seniors

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Further information about SAGECare certification and the benefits of SAGECare’s LGBT training

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