Our Leadership Team

The SAGECare Leadership Team

members are national experts in LGBTQ+ aging.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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Sadiya Abjani

Director of Training and Instructional Design

Sadiya Abjani (she,her) is the Director of Training and Instructional Design as well as a queer Muslim activist. She received her Bachelors in Islamic Studies and English from the University of Texas at Austin, where she spent time learning curriculum development and gaining expertise in training development and delivery.

Our Leadership Team

Karen Cushing

SAGECare Business Development Manager

SAGECare Business Development Manager, dedicated to promoting LGBTQ+ awareness for seniors. Karen Cushing (she/her) drives connections with service providers, emphasizing the value of SAGECare's credentialing training, and is committed to supporting LGBTQ+ older adults and fostering a collaborative approach for them to live safely and authentically.

Our Leadership Team

Chaela Carter

Customer Service Specialist

Chaela Carter (she,her) is the Client Services Specialist for SAGECare. Her responsibilities include connecting clients to our services and supporting the SAGECare team in their mission for accessibility and inclusivity.

Our Leadership Team

Alex Kent

Data Specialist

Alex Kent, MPA (she,her) oversees SAGECare’s training data and helps to manage our on-demand training platform. Alex first joined SAGE in 2008 and has held a variety of roles over the years, including direct service and programming in New York City, program replication in Baltimore, and extensive work around LGBTQ+ caregiving with SAGE’s National Resource Center. She has been a Certified Trainer since the inception of SAGECare and has been thrilled to be a part of its growth and expansion.

Our Leadership Team

Michele Giordano

Executive Director SAGEVentures

Michele Giordano (she, her) has extensive experience with mission-focused start-ups and nonprofits leading expansion efforts across the U.S. and globally. Previously, Michele was the Senior Vice President of Digital Crisis Services at The Trevor Project.