SAGECare Credentials Revamped
03 Mar 2023

SAGECare Credentials Revamped

SAGECare is excited to announce we have revamped and simplified our credentialing program, giving your organization the opportunity to achieve one of two credentials. Along with this we have designed new seals to fit each category.

SAGECare Credential
Where 50% of management and employees must complete a 1-hour SAGECare training.

SAGECare Platinum Credential 
This is a more robust education, that will take your organization to the next level of being LGBTQ+ competent. Where 80% of management completes the management training, and 80% of you employees completes the 1-hour employee training.

You will continue to receive the same credential benefits, with SAGECare upgrading the Platinum credential within the next couple of months. As you already know, displaying a SAGECare Credential is a great way to symbolize to the public that your team has done the work to create an inclusive community.

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SAGECare Editorial Team