Schlegel Villages Strengthens Commitment to LGBTQ+ Older Adults through Partnership with SAGECare
11 Apr 2024

Schlegel Villages Strengthens Commitment to LGBTQ+ Older Adults through Partnership with SAGECare

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Adams, CEO of SAGE says, “SAGE is thrilled to announce our first training in Ontario, Canada with Schlegel Villages, marking our first partnership in Canada. SAGECare’s training programs empower organizations, such as Schlegel Villages, to create inclusive, vibrant communities where everyone feels free to be their true selves. We are excited to work together towards achieving this goal.”

(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) – Schlegel Villages, a leading organization dedicated to providing exceptional care and support for older people, proudly announces its continued partnership with SAGECare, the nation’s foremost provider of LGBTQ+ elder competency training and consulting. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Schlegel Villages becomes the first organization in Ontario Canada to receive training from SAGECare, further solidifying its commitment to creating inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ older people.

Schlegel Villages is renowned for its mission to enhance the lives of older adults through compassionate care, innovative programming, and a supportive community environment. With a network of senior living communities across the province of Ontario, Schlegel Villages remains steadfast in its dedication to providing personalized care and ensuring the dignity and respect of every individual it serves.

“One of the key aspirations that guide us as an organization is to “honour diversity in Village life,” says Christy Parsons, Vice-President of People with Schlegel Villages. “This partnership with SAGECare will help us continue to do that in a meaningful way for our residents and team members, and help us create even more vibrant, inclusive communities where everyone feels free to be their true self.”

(New York, United States) SAGECare, a fee-for-service training and consulting division of SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders), has been at the forefront of advocating for and providing services to LGBTQ+ elders since its establishment in 1978. Through its comprehensive training programs, SAGECare empowers service providers to better understand and address the unique needs of LGBTQ+ elders, fostering environments of inclusivity and cultural competency.

“SAGECare is proud to collaborate with Schlegel Villages, setting a new standard in inclusive elder care in Ontario, Canada,” says Sadiya Abjani, Director of Training and Instructional Design with SAGECare, “This partnership not only champions the dignity and diversity of LGBTQ+ elders but also marks a significant step towards creating environments where everyone is free to be themselves. We are excited about the transformative impact of our combined efforts on the livers of older adults.”

The partnership between Schlegel Villages and SAGECare underscores the importance of prioritizing inclusivity and diversity in senior care settings. Through ongoing education and training, Schlegel Village aims to set a benchmark for LGBTQ+-affirming care practices in Ontario Canada, and beyond.

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