Solo Aging Plan Now to Thrive Later     
27 Jun 2022

Solo Aging Plan Now to Thrive Later     

If we learned anything during the pandemic, it was that life is unpredictable and we need to be prepared.  This is especially important for Solo Agers.

What is a Solo Ager?

Solo Agers are adults over 50, who live alone, and either by choice or circumstance, function without the support system traditionally provided by their family. If you are a Solo Ager, you need to make a plan.

Why do Solo Agers Need a Plan?

Imagine you become temporarily incapacitated and are in the hospital, rehab, or home in bed. You will need somebody to handle your financial affairs and act as your medical advocate until you are well again.

Often someone in your chosen family can fulfill the two key roles – Power of Attorney (POA) for finances and legal and Health Care Proxy (HCP) for your health care decisions.

When deciding among your chosen family, consider who would be the best person to:

  • Pay your bills or deal with Medicare while you recover from an illness or injury and/or are hospitalized or in a rehab facility
  • Apply for Long Term Care benefits or Medicaid on your behalf
  • Speak with your medical providers, advocate for your choices, and make health care decisions regarding treatment

Consider each person’s strengths and weaknesses. You might have one friend with a business background who is great with money but avoids all medical issues and would make a great Power of Attorney.

You might have one friend that is great with medical issues and has a calm, and steady personality.  They would make a perfect Health Care Proxy.

For those of you don’t have anybody, you need to go to Plan B.

Additional Options

Luckily, there are professionals available to help with both finances and health issues.  Daily Money Managers (DMM)* are financial professionals that specialize in helping people manage their day-to-day bills, budgets, insurance claims, income tax return prep and all kinds of financial matters. DMM’s meet regularly with clients which helps reduce the risk of elder abuse and fraud.

Many people choose Daily Money Managers (DMM) as their POA (Power of Attorney) since there is no conflict of interest.  DMM’s are background checked and carry Errors & Omissions insurance (E & O) as part of their membership in their professional organization, the American Association of Daily Money Managers (

Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) are predominately social workers that become certified in eldercare management. Some GCM’s are registered nurses.  GCM’s provide guidance and support in all aspects of physical and mental health.  They accompany clients to doctor appointments, help with medication management, arrange for home care and community services. Some GCM’s will be their client’s Health Care Proxy.  Visit the Aging Life Care Association ( for more information.

Final Considerations

Whomever you choose as your POA and HCP should be somebody that you consider an ally, who is a dependable and trustworthy person with your best interest at heart.  Hopefully, I’ve convinced you of the importance of planning.

If I can be of assistance, please reach out to me at: (914) 980-0898 or email me at: to discuss or make an appointment for an in person or virtual consultation.

Ilene Amiel, owner of Personal Affairs Administrator, Inc. is a Certified Senior Advisor who specializes in helping seniors with all aspects of their financial lives.   She completed the SAGECare cultural competency training, is a Loft LGBTQ+ Community Center Certified Business Partner and a proud mother of gay son.

Visit: to learn more about Ilene Amiel.

*DMM’s do not invest assets, sell insurance, prepare income tax returns, or provide legal advice.  Some DMM’s are bonded and are Notaries.

By Ilene Amiel, CSA, Certified Senior Advisor, Daily Money Manager

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Solo Aging Plan Now to Thrive Later     

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