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28 Jul 2021

Springing Into a More LGBT Cultural Competent Continuing Care at Home Program

Over the last few years, there has been a strong movement to ensure that older LGBT people feel safe and welcomed in any environment. As you can imagine, this is even more important if older adults decide to age in place and caregivers visit their homes. That is why Springpoint Choice has invested in proper training and SAGECare credentialing for our staff. Springpoint Choice is a Continuing Care at Home (CCaH) membership program for healthy adults ages 55 and older who want to maintain their independence at home with a plan for future, long-term care.

The Springpoint Choice team has always been committed to supporting and welcoming older LGBT adults if and when they need in-home care. To underscore this commitment, our team made it a priority to receive formal training to stay relevant and learn how to better connect and care for aging members of the LGBT community.

As part of the SAGECare training, the Springpoint Choice team heard from LGBT older adults of color, from rural areas, from those above and below the poverty line, and those who came out young or much later in life. The team also learned how to respond to bias behavior, incorporated new vocabulary in our work, and received an overview of federal protections applicable to LGBT older adults.

“The team at Springpoint Choice has always treated us with respect and has made us feel very comfortable as members,” said Wendy Cramer and Carolyn Baranowski. “We are in a same-sex marriage, and there naturally can be concerns about how people will treat you, but the Springpoint team made us feel welcomed from the start. We are proud of Springpoint Choice for continuing to learn how to better communicate with the LGBT senior community and strengthening what already is an inclusive culture.”

At Springpoint Choice, we believe that every senior should be treated with care and consideration, no matter their differences. “Springpoint is steadfast in our commitment to diversity and inclusion as we create a culture that encourages all members, residents, and employees to be successful, value differences, and care for one another, “ said Anthony A. Argondizza, President and CEO of Springpoint. “As part of this commitment, we launched a company-wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative; learning how to better connect with the LGBT community is just one of the significant steps we are taking to create a more inclusive culture. I am proud of our Springpoint Choice team for earning the Platinum Level SAGECare LGBT Aging Cultural Competency Credential.”

The SAGE training gave the team at Springpoint Choice a thorough history and understanding of the historical challenges that have faced the LGBT community for decades. Recognizing this history and being more aware of the fear of prejudice that still exists and causes anxiety for many in the LGBT community gives us, as professionals, the tools necessary to assure the LGBT community of our commitment and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Springpoint Choice membership includes access to a full spectrum of senior care solutions, including home care services, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. The Springpoint Choice personal care navigators help members access senior care solutions if and when their healthcare needs change. Membership also includes a direct connection to the activities, wellness programs, and other amenities offered across all eight Springpoint Life Plan Communities.

To learn more about how Springpoint Choice makes diversity and inclusion a priority for seniors, view a member testimonial video https://springpointchoice.org/about/sagecare-continuing-care-at-home/.

Written by Cecily Laidman, Executive Director of Springpoint Choice


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